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What kinds of mold processing-js5金沙2004cm-澳门金沙91599com

author:管理员 Publication time:2018-04-23 16:49:04 Read: 1 second
1. metal stamping die: continuous die, Dan Chongmo, compound die and drawing die.
2. plastic molding die: injection mold, extrusion mold, plastic suction mold.
3. die casting die
4. forging die
5. powder metallurgy die
6. rubber mold
Mold processing flow:
Opening material: front mold material, computer gong processing plastic mold factory after mold material, insert material, row position material, oblique material;
Open frame: front mold die frame, rear mold die frame;
Open rough: the former die cavity is open, the back mold cavity is thick, the parting line is coarse.
Copper Gong: front mould copper Gong, after mold copper Gong, parting line clear angle copper Gong;
Wire cutting: inserts parting line, copper Gong, oblique pillow position;
Computer gong: fine Gong mold parting line, fine Gong and back mold core;
Electrical discharge: the front mould is coarse, the copper Gong and the Gong mould line are clear, the computer gong is used for processing the post mold bone position and the pillow position of the plastic mould factory.
Drilling, pinhole and thimble;
Row position, row position pressure pole;
Compound thimble with needle;
Other: (1) suction nozzle, code pit, garbage nail (limited nail); 2. Flying mould; 3. Nozzle, support head, spring and water supply;
The bone position of the mould, polishing, front mould and rear mould;
Fine water structure, pull rod screwdriver, spring
Important parts are heat treatment, quenching and nitriding on the surface.