Well, if you didn’t before, now you do. Please meet T.J. Fallon, an insulin dependent Type 1 Diabetic who plans on hiking about 250 miles in Glacier National Park this summer in an effort to raise awareness about diabetes. Glacier County Honey Co. is impressed by his mission, so we’re helping to sponsor his cause, and he’ll be hiking with our honey stix.

Feature Friday – TJ Fallon

One of the greatest things about my project has been the people that I’ve met. TJ followed me on my journey in 2011 and contacted me about hitting the trail together. We ended up finally hiking together on Loon Day last year where we ended up seeing 8 loons (6 all together in Trout Lake). This spring, he contacted me to tell me about his new project.


When most folks go for a hike in Glacier National Park, they take along water, a lunch and extra clothes in case the weather takes a turn.

T.J. Fallon does all that, but he also takes an insulin kit and a blood sugar monitor. Fallon has Type I juvenile onset diabetes — virtually every time he eats, he has to take an insulin injection, he said last week. His body doesn’t produce the hormone needed to process sugars in his body. The lifestyle isn’t always fun. If he gets his blood sugar too high, he gets very sick.

Hiking For Hyperglycemia!! Diabetes Hiking!

I guess it is about time for me to announce to everyone a project that I came up with and created about 3 weeks ago now. I have been working very hard at this and it is time to let all the fellow chatters in on the project!

24th Annual Type 1 Diabetes Workshop-"Winning with Diabetes" in Missoula

It’s time again for Community Medical Center’s Annual Diabetes Workshop. This year we celebrate with excitement and pride our 24th year of offering this event to Western Montana. Our goal is to enhance diabetes management for people with diabetes. Our workshops are attended by families touched by diabetes as well as shool personnel and healthcare professionals